ANM head office is located in Jeddah’s City Center and unifies sales, management, engineering and accounting.

ANM factory unifies production, maintenance, quality control and safety. It is located in the Rabigh Industrial Area. As such, its strategic position near the Rabigh shipping port and many prominent industrial facilities simplifies operations and shipping logistics.

The factory has a total area of 80,000 m , 16,000 of which is covered.

An adaptive optimized fabrication process is made possible through a highly automated factory floor composed of cutting-edge CNC machinery coupled with modern and regularly maintained heavy equipment.

A dedicated factory floor expert works closely with ANM metal fabrication specialist to ensure every process flow is individually tailored to the projects at hand. This eye for production efficiency allows sales to offer competitive prices and flexible delivery times.

Downtime and delays are avoided thanks to a highly trained and licensed equipment specialist who ensures all machinery and equipment software and hardware are maintained in tip-top shape for continuous operation.

A handpicked team of skilled technicians creates a lean beehive structure in which there is no duplication and each individual is the most qualified choice to perform their job and fill a specific function in the factory. By limiting reliance on unskilled labor, ANM achieves tighter control on quality, lower error, higher safety, and faster turn-around. The slightly higher cost of running a skilled team is largely mitigated by savings resulting from more efficient operations.