ANM is a company run by technical minds both on the fabrication side and on the sales side, as a result, it is ruled by a categoric unwillingness to cut corners on quality. For the ANM team, from management to machine operators and welders, quality is a question of culture, and the overall result is a shared responsibility.

When a received inquiry presents a project that cannot be undertaken without a compromise on quality, ANM will simply refrain from bidding rather than take on a contract it cannot deliver high quality on.

When ANM does bid and is awarded a contract, the exact requirements of the client are established at the start of the project and quality considerations always lead the planning process. As for the quality management system applied, it is based on the principles of ISO 9001 only stricter.

When the product is completed and delivered, the client’s final feedback is recorded by QA/QC personel and shared with management with the objective of continuously improving ANM’s operation.

However most of ANM’s quality advantage isn’t based on correction. It is rooted in pre- emption. With 35 years of experience in steel fabrication, ANM metal fabrication specialists are highly trained to foresee bottlenecks, risks and complications whether they arise from the nature of the project, from client schedule changes or from the production process itself. As a result, ANM knows what to expect before it becomes a problem. This edge allows it to pre-empt issues and respond to what its heavier competitors consider to be “unforeseen” difficulties.

Furthermore, ANM’s reliance on a highly-educated core team means less overhead, less reliance on unskilled labor, more attention to detail and therefore less errors and repeats, which ultimately results in considerable savings and higher quality.